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Website Services

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website development
  • Website hosting
  • Domain administration

Online Marketing Strategy

We prepare you with the latest online marketing techniques, and create a comprehensive plan that produces the best return on your marketing investment. We are well versed in Google adwords, analytics, email marketing, social networks, link campaigns and more.

Ecommerce & Content Management

We are experts in organizing, developing, and designing multi-lingual Ecommerce and content rich websites. We can administer your website or teach you how to take control of your website.

Ecommerce and Content Management Specialists

Sangria Studios is a website development and online marketing agency that focuses on multi-lingual e-commerce, and content management systems. Our expertise is in using the Joomla! content management system to create cost effective, reliable website applications for content management and e-commerce. We offer video tutorials, web hosting, domain name registration, online marketing strategies, training sessions, updates, and website administration.

Contact us directly to get a free consultation on any online marketing, and web design and development related questions.

Steps to a marketing strategy
Our consultants help you create a strategy that will work with your business. We get to know our client´s business in order to create an online marketing strategy that will lead to the greatest results.
Before we begin with our marketing strategy, we must make sure the website is optimized for the user and search engines.
  1. optimize homepage, landing pages, and copy for search engines
  2. improve usability, and navigation to ensure information is organized for the greatest efficiency and user experience
  3. implement website statistics using google anaylitics

Then we move on to the online marketing plan:
  1. comparative analysis and marketing plan
  2. implement a linking campaign
  3. email capture and marketing
  4. explore alternative marketing channels, ebay, amazon, yahoo
  5. explore addition marketing channels, press releases, affiliate programs
  6. Pay per click advertising like Google adwords, or other similar services
  7. viral marketing through social networks
  8. guerrillia marketing

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  • Wide screen resolution
  • Auto width resolution
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  • Decrease font size
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